Welcome from Deborah Cadman, Chief Executive, Birmingham City Council

Birmingham is one of the most exciting cities to be in the UK right now, and now is a fantastic time to join our dynamic senior team.

Birmingham is a city with enormous opportunity and boundless potential. It is the most ethnically and culturally diverse city outside London, which brings with it a wealth of creativity, entrepreneurship, talent and energy.

We are one of the youngest cities in Europe and the almost 50% of our residents are under 30 years of age and represent a bright future for the city and for the region.

The city’s economic fundamentals are strong and diverse with bases in advanced manufacturing, financial services and technology, set within the wider West Midlands economy. This is supported by the investments we are making in our City’s infrastructure, and the completion of the Midlands Metro expansion and arrival of HS2 will provide greater connectivity to, from and within the city.

With the Commonwealth Games happening in 2022, we are hosting the third largest sporting event in the world, with thousands of visitors arriving for the event and more than 1 billion people watching us from around the world. The stage is set for us to bring forward a golden decade for the city.

However we are not without challenges. Too many of our citizens live in poverty, especially our children, and we face a 10 year gap in life expectancy within the city itself between our most affluent and most deprived communities. Across the national missions of the Levelling Up strategy we face significant inequalities in every indicator between the City and the England average and within Birmingham itself.

Many of the challenges stem from historic and structural inequalities within our society and economy, and COVID-19 has exposed and compounded the difficulties our most vulnerable citizens face in their daily lives as they strive to achieve the basic foundations for a good life.

For many of our citizens the opportunities in the city are out of reach. Not only do they hold people back from reaching their potential, they often push people to seek help, increasing pressure on public services and driving up costs.

Sotackling inequalities needs to be at the heart of our mission and at the centre of everything we do.Within this context we are focusing on the five ‘grand challenges’ for the city that are:

  • Challenge #1: Employment, Skills and the Local Economy
  • Challenge #2: Health and Wellbeing
  • Challenge #3: Community Resilience and Cohesion
  • Challenge #4: The Climate Emergency
  • Challenge #5: Opportunities for children and young people

As a senior leadership team we are committed to our citizens and our city and want to grow Birmingham at the economic, cultural and spiritual heart of England and we are building a dynamic, innovative and ambitious extended leadership team to deliver this ambition. 

We work hard at partnership and our senior leaders are part of a wider network of leaders across the city spanning our public sector, community and voluntary and faith sectors, commercial and academic sectors and our police and justice organisations.

We are a well connected city both physically and strategically and at the start of a golden decade of ambition we are really starting to shine as we turn around the lives our citizens and co-creating a bold future for Birmingham. Working with our elected members and local members of parliament we remain rooted in the democratic mandate of the Council. 

Our multi-agency partnerships such as the Health and Wellbeing Board are strong and setting out clear partnership visions and delivery plans for the future such as Creating a Bolder Healthier City Strategy which sets out an eight year ambition on health inequalities jointly with our emerging NHS ICS for Birmingham and Solihull. 

We want Birmingham to have the best local authority team in the UK and one of that is world leading in its passion for citizens and communities and I hope you want to be part of this. Through this website you will find more information about what Birmingham City Council is about and the City we serve, as well as the roles themselves.

I hope you are excited and inspired to join us on the journey towards a bolder Birmingham for all our citizens.

Deborah Cadman OBE